Prince and the Minneapolis Sound

Gone, but not forgotten

He may have been gone from this world, but he’s left behind something entirely unique, and certainly one to call his own. The mega-singing legend was so intact to his local roots that it can’t be placed anywhere else apart from the city he was from. The uniqueness of the music style itself was already well established previously by various artists and bands when Prince started to make his mark on the city, however Prince simply found a way to connect the dots so-to-speak. This recipe for sound was rooted in a mix of Jazz, Funk, Blues and Soul genres all blended together, however the basis of Prince’s connection to this music were his roots to the city through the careful influence of his parents. They were people who were already established and known in their community, and made great strides to be a part of what was happening around them socially, as much as they could. This included music, social gatherings, and their massive exposure to previous rhythm and blues talent of that era.

Prince and the Minneapolis SoundWhere it all began

The segregation between the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul were pretty well known in the early 60’s and 70’s. Yet for Prince and his young cohorts, were lucky to be enrolled in part of a school system which thrived on exposing pupils to the various musical and cultural events between the cities for a better creative learning influence. The local governments, who were inspired by the music scene as well, had developed a school program which focused on the musical and cultural education of young children. Concentrated on developing an early student talents in training in all areas of music. This included vocal coaching, music reading, playing various instruments, and an active participation in actual music events. This resulted in a young Prince being introduced to the local mainstream classic ‘white bread’ rock and roll culture that was obviously layered into his musical exposure.

The end product was the result of years of cultural and social change which went hand-in-hand with the upbringing of similar children of that same era. This included various areas that revolved around fashion, racial culture, music and societal change. The musical creations that soon emerged were something profoundly new, that skipped all race barriers and showed influences from all forms of artists and genres. One can argue this as a reason why so many people within the city has so readily embracing this young musician with open arms.

A mixed bag of East meets West

One cannot forget the influences of other parts of society when talking about Prince’s musical impact. That is tied into the very obvious migration culture, since Americans in turn began to see something entirely new from people who had come in from different parts of Europe. When combined, it had joined hands with the Black American sound of the Minneapolis; which became popular for its uniqueness as being true to the city’s roots, but appealed to non-black Europeans who were curious to this new music variant. What became known as the ‘Twin City Ethno’ -musical heritage as it is known was accommodating to the various kind of people that had come and settled into the Minneapolis area. These ethnic groups can be traced back to countries like Sweden, Germany and or course Norway. More and more we find Rock and Roll-themed casino slot games. We came accross this one, for example, at and everything is pretty cool!

Narrow it down and get funky!

Princes’ music was also to no surprise a concoction of European folk music, a North-Eastern American style, and a mix of the Twin City Rock, Jazz, Blues and Funk all put together. This created something that America and the entire world had never heard in this combination before. The well thought out uniqueness, groomed by an elaborate musical education -complete with his own brand of twisted genius only confirms that the mesmerizing, encapsulated sound was nothing less than masterful. This is what astounded everyone when he first appeared on TV and the world saw an unknown young kid from Minneapolis who was such a professional showman for his age.

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