The casinos nearest to Minneapolis, Kansas

blue chip betting in KansasIt’s no wonder Minneapolis, Kansas, tends to get overshadowed by its metropolitan namesake to the north: The Ottawa County capitol has a population count of a bit less than 1/209 (or  about 0.48%) that of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and, let’s face it, was explicitly renamed after the home of the Minnesota Vikings back in 1871.

Minneapolis, KS, is instead some serious small-town living of the Midwest American sort with schools, a church, a funeral parlor and the county fairgrounds. There are two liquor stores, but this is a relatively new market: Minneapolis was a dry county until 2006(!), and now customers pay a whopping 30% tax on single servings of alcohol. This may seem unusual to outsiders, but Minneapolis is no outlier: Some 67 of the state’s 105 counties have adopted the 30% and to this day, three Kansas counties remain dry.

As the town’s has been described on its official website for 15 years plus, “Located in America’s heartland, Minneapolis is a rural community in the farmland of North Central Kansas. Two intersecting Interstate highways make travel to the area easy. Highway 81 is our connecting link to our international (sic) neighbors to the north and south and passes within a mile of the city. Historically, farming and agriculture-related businesses have been the mainstay of this community. Farming continues to be the backbone of today’s economy, with 250,000 acres of cultivated land surrounding Minneapolis…”

Note that five of the 78 words in the description and synonyms for farming or farmland. The point: Big city action is not to be found in Minneapolis, but a day-trip or overnight stay may be made to get some adult entertainment, likesay, casinos.

Casinos in Kansas City, Dodge City, Mayetta

Kanasas City is the best nearby venue for lots of good entertainment options for Minneapolitans to enjoy, including casinos, whereas Dodge City’s nearly purely tourism-fueled economy provided for now large-scale casino gaming.

For options, the best bet is to head to Kansas City; it’s a straight shot east, about 180 miles on I-70 for a drive of under three hours. Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway is a “racino” taken under the wing of the Las Vegas-based chain, and the 7th Street Casino, a purely slots-filled haven.

About 175 miles to the southwest is the famed Dodge City. Prior to 2009, the touristy town center included a couple of old-fashioned casinos with tiny limits – purely for amusement’s sake. That changed with the foundation of the Boot Hill Casino Resort, which brought Vegas-style gaming and hoteliering with 700 slots, 21 table games and a poker room, the latter particularly interesting for local sharps looking to take some pigeons.

Another possibility for those coming from Minneapolis is the Prairie Band Casino & Resort in Mayetta, north of Topeka. The Prairie Band is the biggest of the state’s six Native American-run casinos at 35,000 square feet of gaming space hosting about 700 slots plus 15 varieties of table games including classics such as blackjack, roulette and craps.

Good luck!