Within the Twin City is a cultural flavor for all

The Twin Cities also known as Minneapolis a spicy mixture of culture and heritage which is one more reason our creative team is chock full of flavor. As American as Betty Crocker or at least that’s the impression of All-American as it gets. Undeniable is our passion for following the flow in our nations very own melting pot. Despite the fact we’re all from different backgrounds, the Twin Cities bring us all together.

Taylor O’Shea – Lead editor

Pulling the strings with everyone involved is sort of like being a conductor of a symphony. Aside from developing the stories you read here, everyone is so active with developing their own interpretation of what Minneapolis has meant to them. My job is to get them to all work together so everything has a flow much like the many lakes that border the city.

Laila Holmgren -Social event reports

There was a quote from Prince that went: ‘life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last’… Which dawned on me that it wasn’t until his passing that I realized what he was really talking about. Social events are pretty much like that and have a limited lifespan. The memories are what people remember most, which I keep as faithful to the last detail as possible. Good or bad, I bring back the footprint it left in the sands of time.

Pavel Jilkova -Culture and Lifestyle reports

I grew up with my nose in some book reading about adventures of all sorts. It wasn’t until I started to be part of those journeys that I found myself writing about the impact it made on me. I never liked the stories about riches at the end of the rainbow, but rather the amazing trip getting there. Life is always a struggle no matter how much of a spin that’s put into it, therefor I only want to bring the real true grit back into fashion again with my reports.

Daniel Muller -Heritage advisor

One thing that Minneapolis is best known for is holding onto a long and rich heritage, and is obvious with so many heritage programs currently active. My goal is to highlight the traditional values we hold so dear and give them a proper place to be in our society. Even though our history is the future heritage at the heart of the matter, I bring you the latest bits of current affairs that are sure to become a piece of the Twin Cities history before it happens.

And though we cannot possibly carry it all on our backs like little turtles, we would like to think that much of the most important areas are covered. There is always room for expansion since every city grows and changes over time. Let us know about and new trends or thoughts you might like to add to our site, We’d love to hear from you.


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