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A little slice of deep fried culture at home

Considering that every major city in America has something to offer, one city that perhaps has it all is of course Minneapolis. We have dedicated ourselves to bring you an insider look at “The Twin Cities” with celebrated sights and sounds that makes this city come alive. Well you might also expect that the city of Minneapolis has; from time to time has, ‘made it’ in the news many a time -without you ever knowing it. From the famous Juicy Lucy to its’ great number of lakes. However, Many Minneapolisks are proud of those unknown facts you didn't know unless you were a born and bred locally.

A real family oriented community

Minneapolis - City by NatureWhile some cities offer married couples lots of things to do, many forget that families, especially with young children and kids will find that Minneapolis is quite literally filled with plenty of parks, recreation centers, museums and tons of family oriented culture hotspots. Yet, all around the city, there are plenty of programs that are ideal for family fun. Not only that, a real special focus is put into hundreds of schools with programs that are developed to enrich a young mind. Most locals may already know that the singer Prince surely benefited from these music courses that were introduced as far back as the early 1970’s!

As a city, Minneapolis is pretty well known for its love of American football and within the community they also foster and create opportunities for young people to play football. On the other hand, the fact that Minneapolis boasts the highest number of golfers per capita in the entire nation, has made it a mecca for those elderly folks who all share a love for ‘the back nine’. What's more- families are often found herding together in groups on weekends -and the like, just to go shopping! This brought upon the building of the Great Mall of America that was (and still is), the largest shopping mall in the US. Only 21 minutes by car from downtown Minneapolis, it currently remains the largest by far with the highest number of shops and curiousities, and covering an area of approximately 78 football fields.

Old fashioned home town values

Truth be told, there are some aspects about the great city of Minneapolis that are still pretty eyebrow raising and honestly quite shocking. If you have no idea yet, we’re talking about some of the strangest laws for some reason are still lingering around- but in fact still are in full effect! With this in mind- Did you know that the law stands against those who sleep naked in Minneapolis? Well, some might be shocked to know that sleeping completely naked is actually a punishable criminal offense, but this law actually pertains more to public nudity- just so you know.. The same applies to oral sex, since that is prohibited (in public) as well for obvious reasons. However when speaking of values though, anywhere throughout, Minnesota it it illegal to drive a truck that has dirty wheels dropping any kind of mud or grease or goop onto the roads. This actually makes sense since all that melting snow usually gets a bad rap too. And that’s not bad for a city that invests heavily in ice fishing as a sport, has Meat Raffles, fireworks displays (all because 10,000 lakes is absolutely worth celebrating), and yes the Tater Tot Hotdish. But there is so much more, than that which makes Minneapolis hold tight to those home town values.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy LifestyleLauded as the healthiest nation in the state, the city of Minneapolis is a trend setter and a model to cities around. It is home to the Honeycrisp Apple variety where it was born and bred at the university of Minnesota. The city also boasts plenty of bike trails that see upwards of 10,000 riders everyday. To ensure the holistic wellness of people in the city, they focus on four sound pillars that promote: physical wellness, mental alertness, financial stability and spiritual empowerment. It's not unusual to see conferences, meetings and impromptu surveys held, just to ask about how the city can encourage more people into physical fitness of any kind. In many cases there are programs at promoting better eating habits in just 5 weeks, since deep fried cuisine is mighty tasty but not exactly healthy. With no less than 197 parks complete with running trails that are less than 10 minutes walk in any direction within downtown Minneapolis, the city also boasts of up to 160 neighborhood parks with exercise areas ensuring that everyone has no excuse for not getting some exercise from time to time.

Sense of heritage and pride

LGBT pride paradeEver wonder where the first commercially released digital audio was recorded? How about the oldest sketch and improvisation theater troupe known better by some as the Brave New Workshop. Add a big hunk of green junk and you’ll find that Minneapolis is home to a 640 pound jade sculpture that’s on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. So when we think of Minneapolis heritage, it’s fascinating that locals aren’t being shy about standing up to what they believe in. A dominating percent of Minneapolis residents are proud to declare they are the most philanthropic city in the world likewise. In actual numeric numbers, more than 40% of residents volunteer every week for various activities meant to improve the wellness of city residents in some way. Hence, any selfish or self-centered egotistical folks will have a pretty rough time living in Minneapolis. To add to this, Minneapolis is known all over the world for being pretty open to just about anything, including tens of thousands of people flocking to Hennepin Avenue for the annual LGBT pride parade. This parade that happens to be extremely colorful, and has made Minneapolis well-known as being the gayest city in the world. As a city that readily welcomes diversity, it is the only city in the world that named streets after former US presidents- in order to help immigrants prepare for their citizenship exam.

When all else fails...

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Whatever it may be, Minneapolis truly has it all in a nutshell. Feel free to explore this amazing website dedicated to the all things found of Minneapolis.

The Famous Locals of Minnesota

The Famous Locals of Minnesota
When you speak to a local in Minnesota, they are proud about the rich list of celebrities born and raised there. Most will immediately think about the current stars that include the captivating Winona Ryder, the beautiful Jessica Biel, the legendary Judy Garland, and the dashing Vince Vaughn -and many more... However, Minnesota has a whole slew of home-grown heroes you may not have heard of before.

Prince and the Minneapolis Sound

Prince and the Minneapolis Sound
He may have been gone from this world, but he’s left behind something entirely unique, and certainly one to call his own. The mega-singing legend was so intact to his local roots that it can’t be placed anywhere else apart from the city he was from. The uniqueness of the music style itself was already well established previously by various artists and bands when Prince started to make his mark on the city, however Prince simply found a way to connect the dots so-to-speak.

Focus on Minneapolis

Focus on Minneapolis
Mayo Clinic is group of medical researchers who do not work for profit, and they are of course not very far from Minneapolis. They are experts in treatment of most difficult cases and are hailed as being the best in the country for medical treatments and procedures of all kinds. The Mayo Clinic has expanded their global contribution towards sports injury reports and preventative trainings to many other cities all over the world with their main Sports Medicine Clinic based right in downtown Minneapolis.

Hometown originals

Hometown originals
With beautiful cityscapes, friendly people, delicious local cuisine, and attractions around every corner, Minneapolis, Minnesota is often one of the most underestimated tourist destinations in the US. The city also holds some intriguing pieces of history and hidden mysteries as well.